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Overview: This site is meant to rate, review and compare the various lesbian oriented or friendly dating websites on the internet. Lesbian dating no longer means secretive meetings in shady women-only pubs and clubs. It’s found its way to the world wide web, where a variety of women and girls are looking for the same thing you are: companionship and yes, sex. But you do need to know where to look. Joining the right website means you’ll most likely meet a potential partner within 1 or 2 days – Join the wrong and you’ve lost a load of money, no further then where you started.

Paid dating site subscriptions

The special thing about this single exchange is that in addition to chatting and flirting, you can also place personals if you are looking for someone to accompany you to a wedding or a vacation, for example. There is also the option of creating an escort profile and offering you as a (paid) companion real sex dating sites. PlanetRomeo is one of the most popular dating sites for gay, bisexual and transsexual men. The basic functions are free and there are some useful extensions for very little money. However, relationships are rarely sought here and the mood is quite offensive and sexually charged. The advantage of a paid dating site is that there are usually no fake profiles. Free apps and websites, on the other hand, tend to invite you to create multiple accounts in order to increase your chances. There are also a lot of people who just want to see what’s going on in the single market and are not interested in a serious relationship. Portals with a subscription are more suitable for looking for relationships, especially for older singles who are looking for something solid. More young people who are in the mood for an adventure cavort on free portals. In the following you will find all the important information about the dating sites Parship, Elitepartner, neu.de, Bildkontakte and LoveScout24 (formerly FriendScout24).

SexSearch.com is the winner ! This site comes highly recommended. If only this was the first site I’d come to when I started looking. The website has a large number of lesbian and bisexual female members. SexSearch also offers great auto match options and extensive search features, which makes finding the right partner easy, no matter what you might like. Whether you’re into butch or prefer a nice, soft lipstick lesbian (and who can blame you?) its all there. SexSearch is awesome, they will also give you some great tips on how to build your profile.

Also, as a free extra, they give you access to some of the largest adult websites and also: some lucrative discounts on several other memberships

LesbianPersonals was actually the first site I subscribed to. I stumbledacross one of their ads on an entertainment website. After thinking it over for a while, I decided to try my luck and joined. The results are a bit of a mixed bag: I managed to meet some pretty (and) sweet girls through LesbianPersonals, but it took far longer than it should. This site doesn’t have nearly the amount of gay and bisexual members as my first choice, SexSearch.

LesbianAmateurMatch gets two hearts because of their wonderful layout (hey, a girl has to admire style, no?) and their advanced, modern features. But even their great design didn’t help me meet anyone. I did meet some interesting women online, some of which I still keep in touch with… But, in all honesty, it was nowhere near what I’m looking for.     
I heard good things about IwantU, but after subscribing I quickly wondered why. Not only did I keep having problems while I was creating my account (and I DO consider myself to be rather techno-savvy), their support team also had an extremly poor response.  I tried one last time and got my profile online, but I was sorely disappointed by the lack of viable candidates. Even less satisfying than AmateurMatch, actually… Though thanks to IwantU I did gain several new chat contacts. Always fun to while away the hours, but SO not what I was looking for. Although a Polish woman did invite me to spend my holiday there… If only she didn’t remind me so much of my grandmother…

Thankfully I was more than a little wrong. As it turns out: a lot of girls prefer online dating to gay bars. Mostly because of the gay men (cos, lets be fair: we don’t really mix) but also because the bulk of the lesbian barflies there just aren’t their type. And who could blame them? I’m sure we all know the type: the crew cut, braless 40+ women, acting all gruff, drinking beer straight from the bottle… In other words, your average constuction worker type dyke (the fact that it rhymes doesn’t make the women any more attractive). You’ll have to agree with me: chances of finding your dreamgirl in places where the men wear tighters skirts than you are slim at best… And I’ve tried…

No, most girls prefer to go online and find Mrs Right. And Adult Personals are a great way to meet them! Make no mistake: just because its ‘adult’ doesn’t automatically mean its all about sex. I’ve had great conversations, shared amazing experiences and made friends for a lifetime, all through online dating… Though, let’s be fair: there’s absolutely nothing wrong with ending a nice date in bed with a beautiful girl.

There’s no bigger joy in the world than feeling loved and wanted. One way of finding your soulmate is through online dating. As I said before: I tried all these adult dating websites myself. That’s how I know which ones work and which are just out to rip you off.  I hate cheats and that’s why I started this site: to get the truth out about the scammers. Consider it my gift to you or a way to get back at the b*st*rds who took my money and gave nothing in return.  

As said above, I completely recommend SexSearch; it’s a great dating-service that works. If you’re from France or Asia I can also recommend LesbianPersonals. However, if you’re living in the United Kingdom, United States or Canada just go with SexSearch. Trust me; you’ll be thanking me later.

Dear Beverly,

My name is Leslie, I’m a 23 year old student from London. I just had to take the time to thank you for the amazing work you’ve done with LesbianDatingPortal.com.

I came across the site a while back when I was still in the closet. I felt miserable because of my sexuality and thought I was the only one out there. Through your site I met some amazing girls who helped me come to terms with who and what I am. I’ve been on a few dates with incredibly sweet and lovely girls and I’ve been living life to the fullest again. You may think its silly, but I think its mostly because of your site. Thanks again! Love always, Leslie

The History of Dating : Dating is pretty much exclusive to mankind. Animals aren’t that into it: when its matingseason there is little time for romance. A brief grunt, snarl or whiff is all it takes to get busy. Of course there’s nothing wrong with animal lust, but there’s so much more!  . Call me old fashioned, but I love to be courted. Courting is the way to go in order to find true love and, inevitably, sex. Seducing the perfect mate by any means necessary is what its all about. In a way, its like hunting, and I enjoy the chase. Philosophers and scientists speculate that the reason we have higher brainfunctions and are capable of expressing ourselves through art and music if largely because of this. Most datingservice users aren’t immediately looking for a longtime relationship. After all, it’s kind of hard to decide whether you want to spend the rest of your life with someone without seeing her first. But when you DO meet, there’s always the chance you hook up with the girl of your dreams. Through courting, people have explored each other’s personalities, hobbies and other interests, hoping to find a perfect match. And trust me: the sex is so much better when you actually like the person you’re with.

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Classic Dating versus Adult Dating : The business of online dating has changed a lot over the past years. The first dating sites were launched in the early nineties. Most of them were little more than extensions of local dating agencies, simply putting their members on the net. We’ve come a long way since those early days. Technology has greatly improved the dating experience. Profiles can be built to your personal taste, using not only plain text and a blurry picture, but also adding several photos and even audio and videos. This had caused the founding of several niche dating sites that create large online social communities… Adult dating is not as different from classic internet dating as you might think. To me, the biggest advantages Adult Dating over regular dating are:
  • More open, fun and interesting women
  • The sites are constantly coming up with more innovative features
  • More sexually open minded people
  • Interesting communities
  • Being able to put or browse sexually tinted photos or videos online

Don’t kid yourself: The women and girls on adult dating websites such as SexSearch or LesbianPersonals still want to be swept off their feet. Whether you’re on an exciting sex date or a romantic dinner: in the end, you are looking for that beautiful special someone in your life. And no doubt she is doing the same…

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How to get your profile noticed : So you went and subscribed to one of the sites. Good for you, but it takes more than simply creating a profile. As the saying goes: first impressions count! Always use crisp and clear photos that scream CLICK ME! No tiny, unclear shots, it doesn’t help your case. Also: try to use pics where you’re mostly alone in the shot. I’ve seen plenty of profiles with a girl and several of her friends in one pic. Make sure people immediately know who you are.

Its also helps to add a little sparkle and colour to otherwise bland pictures. Use photo editing software, tweak the contrast and color scheme a little bit and make those photos look hot ! Try something unexpected every once in a while… No need to undress for success, but its always a good idea to show off what you have to offer. Put on a nice, revealing dress, dare to present yourself in the best way possible, even if its a little unusual: its what gets you noticed! Try different photos to see which one work and more importantly: which don’t. If you have enough shots, rotate your photos two or three times each week. Its an easy way to get noticed. Check to see in which weeks you got the most comments and visits. Make a record of it, dating is serious business. Preferably use photos where you’re doing something cool. So it’s easy for people to comment on your pictures. Write in a provocative, daring style… You are after all trying to ‘sell’ yourself. For example, check out what I wrote on my profile:

“… No, I’m not a construction worker, nor do I like women who are one moustache away from being one of the guys 😉 I’m a woman and I like women, simple as that… I love down to earth, serious and sometimes just plain wacky women. Not men. Not women disguised as men… Got it? Great!”

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My tips and Guidelines for a sex date : This may be a bit superfluous but: Always be respectful. Even though you’re just meeting up to rock each other’s world, doesn’t mean you get to treat her like a piece of meat. Be polite and treat her with the same respect you’d expect.

Charm your way into her arms: Be charming, sex is way better if you actually think the other person is special. You can be charming by acting confident, or by doing nice (non sexual!) stuff for her. Just imagine what you’d like to hear. So, plenty of compliments on how she looks, her clothes, her enticing parfume. Make sure she knows you think she’s special! Also: Never give off the impression its just about sex  For example: it never hurts to bring along a DVD to watch before or after.  Learn some new moves; having good sex is a skill which requires lots and lots of practice. Personally, I don’t mind the practice sessions at all 😉 Read the Kamasutra or any other ‘how to’ book. Don’t be afraid to mentor and guide her in bed: By showing them new techniques, you’re sure to leave a lasting, good impression.   Don’t have sex right away; go for a drink or a movie first this will give you both something to enjoy and to look forward to later. Don’t blame the game; there are tons of girls out there. If one of them doesn’t reply to your comment or post, just move on to the next one. Don’t take the silence stuff personal, it hardly ever is. It’s possible that the gal in question didn’t sign in for a month, or is in a relationship right now and forgot to remove her ad.

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